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  • C3-11kit lnterproximal enamel kit

    Two side. díamondwith hole )

    15um     15HD     2 PCS

    25um     25HD     2 PCS

    40um     4OHD     2 PCS

    6Oum     60HD     2 PCS

    90 um     90HD     2 PCS


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  • Feature:

    Rectilinear motion handpiece and carborundum blade:

    1-Apply to invisible treatment; rapid repair of dental enamel

    2-carborundum blade is stable and durable

    3-The blade frame and the blade adopts the locking type design, its more solid, has a good compatibility with all kinds of handpiece

    4-When the knife frame put in to handpiece, can be completely fixed,no shake

    5-There are holes in the blade, which can effectively discharge the water and powder produced in the glaze.


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